Reimagining AI Governance

A Response by AGENCY to the UK Government’s White Paper AI Regulation: A Pro-Innovation Approach.


On March 29, 2023, the UK Government released a white paper outlining its plans to implement a pro-innovation approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation and strengthen the UK’s position as a global leader in AI.

As part of the white paper, the government has developed five key principles to guide regulators. These principles encompass safety, security and robustness, appropriate transparency and explainability, fairness, accountability and governance, and contestability and redress. To ensure an effective framework, a flexible sector-specific approach is combined with a central function that coordinates, monitors, and adapts the overall framework. This approach aims “to drive growth and prosperity by boosting innovation, investment, and public trust in AI”, allowing for the opportunities posed by AI to be realised.

This response by members of the multi-disciplinary AGENCY team provides comments on the white paper and details our recommendations on how the framework can be improved to ensure that AI is developed in an ethical and socially responsible way that protects citizens against complex online harms.

Download the full document here: